Resilience for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Goal 1
Resilience Engineering Support
RESili8 will develop a toolkit that will support system operators to optimally design, plan, and evaluate resilient cyber-physical energy system.
Goal 2
Implementing Resilient Applications
RESili8 will support stakeholders to exhaustively and rapidly test and refine their applications at the system level before deployment.
Goal 3
Resilience Runtime Support
RESili8 will develop a resilience runtime support system that can suggest—and execute—actions to recover a system back to a normal state.

About RESili8

Resilience for future energy systems cannot be ensured by over-provisioning, as is done today. It is not socially sustainable and cannot address the complexity and challenges of the digital transformation that energy systems are undergoing. Resilience thinking and practice for energy systems needs to be reinvented. RESili8 does this through a novel resilience solution package for cyber-physical energy systems, including optimal and sustainable planning and AI-based analysis of resilient architectures, continuous implementation and validation of resilient applications, and new solutions for resilient operation of energy systems. This innovative solution package will advance the green energy transition by ensuring security of supply and facilitates the further integration of green energy technologies. RESili8 is executed by leading European research institutes, industry, and need-owners, working together to develop and test the RESili8 solution in lab and pilot demonstrations.

Project Facts

Start: 01.05.2022
End: 30.04.2025
Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden
€ 2,059,530.-
ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Joint Call 2020 (MICALL20)


The RESili8 project is coordinated by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH and has members from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden.

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Wiener Netze GmbH


Fraunhofer ISE

Solandeo GmbH

Dlaboratory Sweden AB

Eindhoven University of Technology


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